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Abelia chinensis 'Raspberry Profusion'
Raspberry Profusion Abelia
Abelia chinensis 'Raspberry Profusion' USPP18834

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Plant Min Zone: 5b

Plant Max Zone: 9a

Sunlight: Full Sun, Part Sun

Water / Rainfall: Average

Soil Quality: Average, Rich


Bloom Season: Summer, Late Summer, Fall

Flower Color: Pink, Mauve

Berry / Fruit Color: None

Spring Foliage Color: Reddish Green

Summer Foliage Color: Dark Green

Fall Foliage Color: Dark Green

Evergreen Foliage: Some

Winter Interest: Some

Scented Flowers: No


Drought Tolerance: Medium

Wet-Feet Tolerance: Low

Humidity Tolerance: High

Wind Tolerance: Medium

Poor Soil Tolerance: No Extreme Soils


Height: 2' - 3'

Width: 2' - 3'

Growth Rate: Medium

Service Life: Long: 5-10 years

Maintenance Need: Low

Spreading Potential: Low

Yearly Trimming Tips: Shrub Normally Winter-kills so trim to 6-12" off Ground in Winter or Early Spring: Blooms on New Wood.


Plant Grouping Size: Small Grouping of 3-5

Best Side of House: South Exposure, West Exposure

Extreme Planting Locations: Tolerates Extreme Heat, Resistant to Rabbits

Ornamental Features: Long Lasting Fall Color, Multiple Seasons of Interest, Long Blooming Season, Exceptional / Colorful Foliage

Special Landscape Uses: None

Possible Pest Problems: None

Plant Limitations: May get Occasional Winter-kill, Needs Thick Winter Mulch


Raspberry Profusion Abelia (Abelia chinensis 'Raspberry Profusion') is a compact rounded, spreading, multi-stemmed shrub in the honeysuckle family. Typically grows on gracefully arching branches to 2-4' tall. ‘Raspberry Profusion’, a seedling selection of ‘Edward Goucher’ x chinensis, blooms heavily from May to September. The entire plant is covered with big clusters of strongly-scented, pink flowers with flamboyant raspberry sepals. The sepals remain after the flowers drop, extending the color until the end of autumn. New growth emerges glossy red and ages to a handsome dark green. The shrub is robust and compact, growing to 3-4’ tall and wide. It is mostly deciduous in the winter. Semi-evergreen dark green leaves turn purplish-bronze in autumn persisting until 10 degrees F or so. Wood is hardy to 0 degrees F. In years where the stems die to the ground in winter but the plant survives, flowering will still occur on new growth. 'Raspberry Profusion' Abelia (Abelia chinensis 'Raspberry Profusion') is an unusually hardy abelia, thriving even in zone 5b. Abelia is also known for it's fragrant flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, plus it's shade-tolerant and resistant to both deer and rabbits. Graceful, arching habit makes it a perfect choice for late season fragrance in your landscape.


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