Terms & Conditions

Order Terms and Conditions: Almost all plants that allow you to "add to cart" are available for
immediate purchase and pickup within 1-3 business days. Occasionally, a plant may become oversold in
which 4 options exist:


1. If plant not available, Ok to substitute plant size? (equal or better value)

2. If plant not available, Ok to substitute plant variety? (equal or better value)

3. If plant not available, Ok to back-order? (Up to 3 months)

4. If plant not available, Please issue refund?


Some plants say “check availability”, Please allow 1-3 business days to check our inventory. You will get
a notice and updated cart that these items are available to purchase or pre-order. Once you complete
the purchase on “check availability” items, you will be notified by email when those are available.


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