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Ajuga reptans 'Bronze Beauty'
Bronze Beauty Ajuga

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Plant Min Zone: 4b

Plant Max Zone: 8b

Sunlight: Part Sun, Shade

Water / Rainfall: Average

Soil Quality: Average, Rich


Bloom Season: Spring

Flower Color: Blue, Violet

Berry / Fruit Color: None

Spring Foliage Color: Bronze, Purplish Black

Summer Foliage Color: Bronze, Purplish Black

Fall Foliage Color: Bronze, Purplish Black

Evergreen Foliage: Yes

Winter Interest: Yes

Scented Flowers: No


Drought Tolerance: Medium

Wet-Feet Tolerance: Low

Humidity Tolerance: Medium

Wind Tolerance: Medium

Poor Soil Tolerance: Shallow Soils


Height: 0.25' - 0.5'

Width: 1' - 2'

Growth Rate: Medium, Fast

Service Life: Medium: 3-5 years

Maintenance Need: Medium

Spreading Potential: Medium

Yearly Trimming Tips: Trim Evergreen Perennial Only if Winter-Kill Occurs.


Plant Grouping Size: Mass Planting of 10 or more

Best Side of House: East Exposure, North Exposure

Extreme Planting Locations: Top of Retaining Wall Locations

Ornamental Features: Bright Winter Color, Emerges Early in Spring, Multiple Seasons of Interest, Exceptional / Colorful Foliage

Special Landscape Uses: Groundcover, Erosion Control

Possible Pest Problems: Weed Competition, Stem/Crown Disease

Plant Limitations: Needs Regular Irrigation


Ajugas are extremely hardy groundcovers that quickly form a dense carpet-like mat. Unlike many perennials that are grown only for their flowers, Ajuga is prized for its attractive, evergreen colorful foliage that looks nice all year. The deepest foliage color is achieved when plants are sited in full sun and in cooler temperatures although in Kansas this may result in foliage burning in summer if not adequately watered. From mid to late spring, short deep blue flower spikes stand upright above the foliage. Do not allow foliage to be covered with leaves or mulch during winter or crown rot disease may occur wiping out large patches. Ajuga reptans 'Bronze Beauty' tends to spread more slowly and stay naturally compact compared to other varieties of Ajuga, making it suitable for use as an edging, rock gardens, walking trails borders and mixed container plantings. This attractive small-scale variety has glossy, purplish-black, shiny leaves and a dense habit.

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