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Aloe barbadensis
Giant Leaf Aloe (Tropical)

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Plant Min Zone: 9a

Plant Max Zone: 11b

Sunlight: Full Sun, Part Sun

Water / Rainfall: Low, Average

Soil Quality: Poor


Bloom Season: Summer

Flower Color: Orange

Berry / Fruit Color: None

Spring Foliage Color: Green

Summer Foliage Color: Green

Fall Foliage Color: Green

Evergreen Foliage: Yes

Winter Interest: Yes

Scented Flowers: No


Drought Tolerance: High

Wet-Feet Tolerance: Low

Humidity Tolerance: Medium

Wind Tolerance: Medium

Poor Soil Tolerance: Rocky Soils, Sandy Soils, Shallow Soils


Height: 1' - 2'

Width: 1' - 2'

Growth Rate: Slow

Service Life: N.A.

Maintenance Need: N.A.

Spreading Potential: N.A.

Yearly Trimming Tips: N.A.


Plant Grouping Size: N.A.

Best Side of House: N.A.

Extreme Planting Locations: N.A.

Ornamental Features: N.A.

Special Landscape Uses: N.A.

Possible Pest Problems: N.A.

Plant Limitations: N.A.


Giant Aloe is typically grown in warmer zones. Considered a tropical or succulent in Kansas and used as summer patio plants with white flowers and bright green foliage. Be prepared to give away offsets to all your friends! Water sparingly and place in mostly shade followed by full sun after acclimated. Giant Aloe can tolerate frost but protect from temperatures below 25 degrees F and move into a cold garage or basement over the winter with minimal watering. Do not allow the pot with rootball to freeze solid or go below 25 degrees for more than a few hours. It is important to avoid the combination of wet and cold. As a winter house plant, it will look presentable all winter long with just no waterings. As a permanent house plant, provide bright light and allow the soil to dry between waterings for many years of carefree enjoyment. Plants grown permanently indoors may begin to elongate stretching for light producing weak new growth. It can be hard to reproduce the intense UV sunlight they need so moving outside for the summer is best.Generally if moving outside for the summer, allow 3-4 weeks of part shade or morning sun before placing in full sun. Giant aloe is one of the slowest plants to re-acclimate to bright sunlight so this might take a month or so of protecting from full sun. Potted plants are very low maintenance. Division and re-potting will need to eventually occur as plants will get top heavy and offsets will fall out. I have never seen any insect problems on this plant.

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