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Buddleia 'Grand Cascade'
Grand Cascade Butterfly Bush
Buddleia 'Grand Cascade' Cascade Collection PP30868

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Plant Min Zone: 5b

Plant Max Zone: 9a

Sunlight: All Day Full Sun, Full Sun, Part Sun

Water / Rainfall: Low, Average

Soil Quality: Average, Rich


Bloom Season: Summer, Late Summer, Fall

Flower Color: Lavender

Berry / Fruit Color: Insignificant

Spring Foliage Color: Mint Green

Summer Foliage Color: Mint Green

Fall Foliage Color: Mint Green, Yellow

Evergreen Foliage: No

Winter Interest: Some

Scented Flowers: Yes


Drought Tolerance: Medium

Wet-Feet Tolerance: Low

Humidity Tolerance: Medium

Wind Tolerance: Medium

Poor Soil Tolerance: Clay Soils, Rocky Soils, Alkaline Soils (high PH), Acidic Soil (low PH)


Height: 5' - 6'

Width: 5' - 6'

Growth Rate: Medium, Fast

Service Life: Medium: 3-5 years

Maintenance Need: Low

Spreading Potential: Medium

Yearly Trimming Tips: Shrub Normally Winter-kills so trim to 6-12" off Ground in Winter or Early Spring: Blooms on New Wood.


Plant Grouping Size: Specimen Planting of 1-3, Small Grouping of 3-5, Medium Grouping of 5-10

Best Side of House: South Exposure, West Exposure, East Exposure

Extreme Planting Locations: Resistant to Rabbits

Ornamental Features: Multiple Seasons of Interest, Long Blooming Season, Large Tropical Foliage / Flowers

Special Landscape Uses: None

Possible Pest Problems: Spider Mites, Beetles, Root Rot Disease

Plant Limitations: May get Occasional Winter-kill, Needs Thick Winter Mulch


Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) are workhorses in the pollinator garden. Flower panicles come in a variety of colors mostly including shades of lavender, magenta, violet, pink, and white. Most Butterfly Bushes bloom on new wood so trimming off winter kill or complete rejuvenation will not affect flowering. In fact, flowering is often bigger and bolder from new water sprout growth when trimmed to the ground each year. Most Butterfly Bushes in zone 6 are maintained this way. Foliage is typically an attractive greenish-gray to mint green and persists into the fall until hard freezes occur. Use in the landscape in small or large groupings for its amazing flower power! Plants grow best in full sun with medium to dry soils. Drought tolerance is high with established plants so extra watering is rarely needed in our East Kansas climate with 40 inches of rain per year. Obviously, Butterfly Bush attracts lots of butterflies. There has been some debate in recent years on whether to plant Butterfly Bush because it’s a non-native plant. Being a native of China, it has no pest or disease problems here. It is invasive in some parts of the country but cold Kansas winters keep it and check and without any self-seeding problems here. If you are still worried about it, there are several sterile varieties to choose from. There have been many drastically improved cultivars in the last 10 years aiming to improve cold hardiness, bloom size, eliminate seeding, and improve growth habits. Buddleia 'Grand Cascade' is an introduction by Walters Gardens, Inc. Unlike the typical Butterfly Bush, the panicles on this flowering shrub cascade downward, similar to the look of weeping willow or a bridalwreath spirea. Light lavender purple flower panicles are enormous at 12-14" long and 4" thick. They're nearly the size of your head! In Eastern Kansas, 'Grand Cascade' has performs WELL for over 3 years with just about everything nature has to challenge it! This is a larger Butterfly Bush growing to 5-6' but still dense and compact in appearance. Combine with caryopteris and crapemyrtle to create a late season "all you can eat" buffet for pollinators!


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