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Clivia miniata 'Yellow'
Yellow Clivia / Natal Lily (Tropical)

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Plant Min Zone: 10a

Plant Max Zone: 11b

Sunlight: Shade, Deep Shade

Water / Rainfall: Low, Average

Soil Quality: Average, Rich


Bloom Season: Early Spring

Flower Color: Yellow

Berry / Fruit Color: None

Spring Foliage Color: Dark Green

Summer Foliage Color: Dark Green

Fall Foliage Color: Dark Green

Evergreen Foliage: Yes

Winter Interest: Yes

Scented Flowers: No


Drought Tolerance: Medium, High

Wet-Feet Tolerance: Low

Humidity Tolerance: Medium, High

Wind Tolerance: Low

Poor Soil Tolerance: No Extreme Soils


Height: 1' - 2'

Width: 1' - 2'

Growth Rate: Slow

Service Life: N.A.

Maintenance Need: N.A.

Spreading Potential: N.A.

Yearly Trimming Tips: N.A.


Plant Grouping Size: N.A.

Best Side of House: N.A.

Extreme Planting Locations: N.A.

Ornamental Features: N.A.

Special Landscape Uses: N.A.

Possible Pest Problems: N.A.

Plant Limitations: N.A.


Clivia (Clivia miniata) has attractive dark green, wide, glossy, curved foliage along with long lasting bright yellow flowers followed by red fruits. Also sometimes called Bush lily or Kaffir lily, it is native to seasonal semi-dry woodland habitats in South Africa. It is best used as a houseplant or full-shade summer patio plant in Kansas. Place in full shade in areas where occasional extra watering can happen including that which comes from rainfall. Repotting may or may not be needed depending on how large you want the plant to grow; plants can continue to grow thicker and tolerate extremely root-bound pots. Potted plants are hardy to at least 30 degrees F for a short time but try not to miss the first light frost. Move into a cold garage, basement, or bright window over the winter with occasional to no watering. Flowering is more reliable with root-bound plants given a cool 2-4 month dormant season with temperatures in the 40-50 degree F range with little to no winter watering. Larger plants can survive 3-5 months without water in the winter if allowed to have a healthy outdoor growing season. As a winter house plant, it will look presentable all winter long with just a few waterings. As a permanent house plant, provide bright light and allow the soil to dry between waterings for many years (even decades) of carefree enjoyment. Potted plants grow very slow and are very low maintenance needing only old leaves removed once per year. Mealy bugs can be a problem with permanent indoor house plants but will go away if grown outside during the summer or never introduced in the first place. Either way, take outside and administer sharp blasts of hose water and/or horticultural oil spray to eliminate this (only) pest problem. Note that clivia will sunburn rapidly if accidently left in full sun even for a few hours, even in cooler weather in spring or fall so be aware of its needs and protect from all direct outdoor sunlight. Indoor grown plants however, can handle direct sun (UV blocked light) from windows. Yellow clivia is rare and will command a higher price than most other houseplants.


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