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x Chitalpa 'El Nino'
El Nino Desert Orchid
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***Description for this plant available with future update!*** >>>>>Desert Willow is a small open irregularly branched tree or large shrub with bright green narrow leaves (but not related to true willows) It features gorgeous pink, white and magenta snapdragon-like flowers with yellow throats. Blooming season is immensely long beginning in June continuing all summer until frost. Desert Willow grows in all soil types here in Kansas but prefers rich silty loam. It will not grow in excessively wet anaerobic soils though. Absolute full sun is needed for best growth to produce flowers and avoid spindlyness. In the landscape, Desert Willow can be used as a specimen shrub or small tree. It handles hot west for south locations very well. It's native range covers most of the Southwest and western Texas along streams and riparian areas. Being surprisingly cold hardy here, Several Desert Willow cultivars can be found at the Denver Botanic Gardens in Denver CO (zone 5b) and at the Dyck Arboretum in Hesston, Kansas (zone 6b). Bubba Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis 'Bubba') has been thriving in our display garden and other Lawrence, KS locations for over 15 years and has endured temperatures as low as a -18. During the most severe winters, winter kills it down to the ground. However, just like Crapemyrtle or Butterfly Bush, Desert Willow blooms on new wood and at a young age with blooms even occurring on 3 foot tall nursery plants. Water sprout regrowth from established landscape plants is rapid with heights reaching 5-6'. These blooms are more numerous and larger than normal, especially with a handful of time-release fertilized applied in the early spring.

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Xerosicyos danguyi
Silver Dollar Plant (Tropical)
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Silver Dollar Plant (Xerosicyos danguyi) are unique because they have perfectly round leaves and vining stems. These tropical vines have a few requirements in order to thrive but nothing too hard. Give them bright indirect light and water only when dry. They are usually grown as a house plant in Kansas but can be moved outside if kept in full to part shade. Leaves can sunburn but morning or filtered sun is ok! Xerosicyos danguyi is native to West and South-West Madagascar. In the wild, this species subarid bushland forest and dunes that occasionally frost. Potted plants are hardy to at least 25 degrees F for a short time if kept dry so you are ok if you miss the first light frost. Do not allow the pot with rootball to freeze solid though. Move into a cold garage, basement, or bright window over the winter with occasional watering. As a winter house plant, it will look presentable all winter long with just a few waterings. Repotting may or may not be needed depending on how large you want the plant to grow; plants can continue to grow in the same pot for years. If repotting, make sure to use a sharp draining medium organic cactus mix with plenty of sand and perlite. To play is safe, outside potted plants are best moved in before night temperatures get below 35 degrees F. It is important to avoid the combination of wet and cold. Potted plants are very low maintenance; I have never seen a pest on this plant. This is relatively rare plant never seen at the big box stores and will command a higher price than most other houseplants.


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